New Season New Garden

New Season New Garden

Hey there, flower lovers! We’ve got some exciting news from our farm. We’re building a brand new garden right at the front of our property, just for growing our beautiful flowers. We started this project last fall and it’s really starting to bloom now.


Last fall, we picked out the perfect spot and planned out 15 beds (that’s a lot of flowers!). We said goodbye to the old lawn with a sod cutter and tucked the new beds in for the winter with a cozy blanket of fall leaves.

Now that spring has sprung, we’ve brought in a mountain of high-quality compost - 35 yards of it! It arrived this past Friday and kicked off a super busy weekend. My dad, Charles, and I teamed up to tackle the compost mountain and spread it over all the beds. 

I’m absolutely smitten with this aerial view of our new garden (last photo - see if you can spot me in the picture). It’s like a fresh canvas waiting to be painted with vibrant colors. I can hardly wait to see it filled with a riot of colors in a few months!

Stay tuned for more updates from our flower farm. We can’t wait to share the journey with you!

BEFORE (September 2023)

AFTER (May 2024)

 OUR NEW GARDEN!!!!!!!~~~


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